Here are the rules for this wiki:


  • 2 blog posts per month is acceptable.
  • No gibberish blogs saying like; HAIII, LOL I'm so bored XD, sdlfhsldkgslgjhfdkjghdk
  • Blogs are not for practicing signatures.
  • Blogs that complain of other users or things on this wiki will be deleted and users blocked. If you have a problem, please leave the person a messgae.


  • Please stick to the formatting shown here
  • All posts on the page must be signed using ~ four times or using your signature. Leaving numerous unnamed comments on a page will result in warning. If this continues, you will be blocked.
  • There will be only one article per discussion. Redundant articles will be deleted.
  • A maximum of 3 polls are allowed on an article
  • Comments are disabled, as you will be talking in the article.
  • Photos irrelevant to warriors are not allowed on article pages.
  • Only 2 photos are allowed per page.
  • Any fan fictions or character articles will be deleted.


  • If you upload a photo that is not your own, please mention somewhere where you got it from.
  • Photos irrelevant to warriors can be uploaded, but with the following guidelines:
    1. Photos irrelevant to warriors are not allowed on article pages
    2. Photos of yourself are not allowed on this wiki
    3. Any user uploading inappropriate pictures will be blocked or banned.
    4. Pictures that are against warriors are not allowed on this wiki
    5. Please do not upload more than 10 photos a month


  • When responding to a post on a page, be polite. Refrain from using CAPS LIKE THIS BECAUSE IT CAN BE VERY RUDE!!!!!!
  • Be understanding. If you disagree, say so and no more. Just because someone does not like your favorite character does not mean it is an insult to you.
  • Posts on pages that do not relate to the article will be deleted. If you keep doing this, you will be banned or blocked.
  • No vandalism. You will be banned.
  • Threatening a user is completely unacceptable. If you are found out, you will be blocked or banned.
  • Absolutely no cursing/inappropriate content. This will result in immediate banning.

If you think any of these rules is unfair, please reply on my ( Warriorfan123) message wall and I will do my best to make it better.

Thank you! Happy editing!

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