Formatting! I understand this is a bit confusing, but hopefully this'll clear it up.

Warriorfan123 believe that SkyClan should come back to the other Clans:

Titles should be in the format (Username) believes/thinks/does not believe/does not think/ that ( topic).

SkyClan should come back to the clans because they are interesting and deserve to join the main plot. The other Clans should learn about this mistake and try and make it up to them.

Description paragraph doesn't half to be bigger than the rest but it could. Try and make your description paragraphs a little longer than this. Don't just say: SkyClan should come back because they are epic!!! or, SkyClan should come back because they should!

(Username) Agrees with Warriorfan123

When replying to the messages above, please say (Username) agrees/disagrees with (Username).

Someone who agrees! SkyClan needs to come back to the original clans because they have valuable skills!

State your argument, then sign with the four tides.

(Username's) Poll

When adding a poll, called your title ( Username's) poll. Sign with the four tides.
Do YOU think SkyClan should come back?

The poll was created at 13:49 on November 24, 2014, and so far 1 people voted.

So there's the formatting. If you have any question, reply to my message wall!

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